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Build Human Services Apps By Getting A Free HSLynk Developer Test Account

If you are either a software developer at a public/nonprofit agency, or a software vendor, you can build apps that HSLynk Warehouse customers can use. You can start writing health and human services apps, which can access your potential app customers' data within the HSLynk data warehouse. Below, we walk you through getting a trusted app account, so you can start writing apps like HOME App So you can create your app, demo it to one or more customers, and if they agree to activate your app, customers can use your app to access their data. Next post, we'll walk you through using the developer sandbox data to test your app with our open source APIs:

High usage tiered pricing now available in HSLynk

Are you worried about what will happen to you HSLynk bill when you increase you number of records and API calls by a large order of magnitude? Well, we have you covered, by dramatically lowering prices when you reach certain API and record usage cut-off levels, during any given month.

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