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The Better Data Warehouse Platform

We work for communities, analysts, non-profits, data scientists, cities, and counties building software solutions to help tackle tough social problems. Collaboration, community engagement, and a #DontStartFromScratch ethos are the core motivations of our open source development efforts. All of our currently deployed community software has been developed with direct input from the our community partners.

HSLynk In Detail For Developers Pricing

The HSLynk system is a case management, data sharing, analytics, and reporting platform. It allows:

  • Sharing of data with any other system that uses APIs

  • Curating an open source collaborative which makes improvements to a cost-effective cloud hosted system

  • Building a legacy of code open to the World, to encourage intensive review and improvement, knowledge transfer, and reuse.

We are unlike existing systems.  Whether they are human services, homeless management information systems (HMIS), information and referral, or health care systems, all currently behave the same:

  • They charge per user login

  • They make you use their report system and apps

  • They don't allow you to efficiently get your data out, especially not in real-time to power apps

If the software company:

  • locks up data, so there is no easy way for a you to share your data with authorized parties;

  • charges heavily for customizations that become unsupported with new software versions;

  • drives dissatisfied customers, at the end of their contract period, to migrate their data into a competitor’s case management system; and

  • discards data that does not map to the newly procured system, and the cycle continues, procurement after procurement ... you need a more flexible solution.

HSLynk is an innovative tool for health and human services interoperability.

  • HSLynk will knock down #datasilos. With HSLynk, you can access anything with real time APIs, or pick your own 3rd party app and reporting tools.

  • What we offer is different: it is hosted so there is nothing to install, and you pay for only what you use: API calls and number of records stored. Our solution cost is far lower than our competition’s, for much greater flexibility.

  • HSLynk enables transformative care through much broader community collaboration than any walled data silo can offer.

Existing vendors showed us exactly *what not* to build.